Green Air Ultrasonic Diffusers Reviews

GreenAir® has the leadership in Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers market for the past decade. The devices by GreenAir® work with the cold air diffusion technologies by means of a vibrating electrical membrane that diffuses essential oil into micro-particles. GreenAir® manufactures the Ultrasonic diffusers that perform flawlessly with therapeutic grade essential oils plus are totally free of BPA. That is short for Bisphenol A, a manufacturing chemical substance used to produce certain plastic materials and also resins, and there’s excessive probability of them leaking into the foods or drinks kept in the plastic container. For that reason, the essential oil put in the GreenAir® diffusers don’t run into BPA contamination – they’re BPA-free.

GreenAir® aims to produce outstanding diffusers that give users enhanced wellness by way of quick and healthful mist therapy. We’ve evaluated the best 5 Ultrasonic diffusers by GreenAir®.


  • Top Rated Models

  • TypeType
  • CapacityCapacity
  • Coverage areaCoverage area
  • LED lightsLED lights
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • GreenAir

  • SpaVapor

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity180 ml
  • Coverage area320 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Customer rating4.0 out of 5
  • GreeanAir

  • Serenity

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity150 ml
  • Coverage area10 accounts under one domain600 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Customer rating4.0 out of 5
  • GreenAir

  • Vapor 2.0

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity150 ml
  • Coverage area400 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Customer rating4.0 out of 5
  • GreenAir

  • AromaMister

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity150 ml
  • Coverage area250 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Customer rating3.9 out of 5


Very best 5 Oil Diffusers by GreenAir Reviews


Greenair Spa Vapor

Greenair offers 5 diverse editions of GreenAir Spa Vapor to consist of:


1.1 GreenAir Spa Vapor Advanced

GreenAir SpaVapor unltrasonic essential oil diffuser

GreenAir Spa Vapor is the supreme essential oil diffuser that just requires water, several drops of your preferred essential oil, and electrical power to operate the gadget. The product is manufactured of BPA-free plastic and has an uncomplicated smooth design. Regardless of its compact size, it allows the essential oils to be distributed over a location of 500 sq ft or more.

Up-to-date System – The Ultrasonic pulsing sound produces a peaceful mist. You may get the diffuser with various LED-colors operated with the on/ off button. It is easy to apply by putting several drops of oils that turn the area into a calming spa.Superior Features – In contrast to the heat diffusers, all these Ultrasonic models do not apply water and perform for an extended time. The devices are high-efficient diffusers that satisfy your aromatherapy demands using cold air diffusion technologies.No Noise – The Advanced Spa vapor distributes the microfine mist in the atmosphere staying whisper silent.


1.2 GreenAir Spa Vapor+

Greenair ultrasonic diffuser Spa Vapor Plus

In comparison to their earlier products, GreenAir today is sold with six colored LED-lights and the Ultrasonic unit allows generating a healthful mist of air.

Ceramic Disc – The usage of a ceramic disc helps to avoid erosion from the oils that could result in the diffuser to accrue oil and the ceramic disc prevents the device from breaking down quickly.Free from BPA – The product by GreenAir is totally free of BPA. As a result, there is no worry of toxins and you can make use of the essential oil in a risk-free way. No additives or chemical substances are going to influence the oils and reduce its performance.

Effective Aromatherapy – This gadget helps to distribute the fragrance in the room nearly instantly by splitting the oil particles in microfine components that enable the oil to stay in the air for an extended period.


1.3 GreenAir Spa Vapor 2.0

GreenAir Spa Vapor 2.0 essential oil diffuser

The device includes two functions with upgrades – the first is the usage of the timer configurations to set the item on or off and the second is the built-in intermittent system. The 3 various options in the timer allow the device to perform with 1 simple press.Excellent Timer Choices – This new version has certain wonderful timer options to spread the essential oil by the gadget. You can find timer possibilities for 1, 2, or 3 hours effortless to command by one press of a button.Intermittent Setting – Using this option, you will ensure 8 hours of diffusion without stopping that is 2 hours more than other diffusers.

Is effective with Therapeutic Grade Oils – It performs in ideal synchronization with valuable oils and maintains the comprehensive components of the essential oil that don’t do the job with heat diffusers.


1.4 GreenAir Spa Vapor PRO

Green Air diffuser Spa Vapor PRO

This improved edition of the GreenAir Spa Vapor features a bigger tank volume of 200 mL (6.76 oz) that works for 6 hrs while other models have a lesser water volume.Operates Flawlessly with High-quality Oils – The therapeutic oils perform excellently in the gadget that splits up the oils into microfine particles gradually in the long run.

Sizeable Tank – The tank volume is large sufficient that it can work for an extended time and it features an automated shut-off to turn the device out as soon as the water is low.Multi-colored – Is included with various LED-light colors to produce a hypnotic impact that is enchanting and soothing and the lights are simple to make use of.


1.5. GreenAir Spa Vapor Touch Advanced

Green Air touch advanced diffuser for healthful mist therapy

This brand-new diffuser features 2 directional misting nozzles to assist you shift it in any way you need – a totally new option that is absent in its earlier versions. Furthermore, the latest option is the changing LED-light that was missing in its prior models.SpaVapor Touch – The following new function makes the operations of this gadget simpler. Now a simple press of a key will let you take pleasure in therapeutic features for a nonstop 6 hrs.

2 Directional Nozzles – This option allows you to spread the mist of healthful air in the way you desire by simply shifting the nozzle slightly.Twisting LED-Light – In each version we find LED-lights with several or 1 color and it shines quite vibrantly, but in this device the light is peaceful because it glows out of the underside of the product at the base. Furthermore, it allows you a selection of six various colors.


2.GreenAir AromaMister Diffuser

GreenAir AromaMister ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

Modern Design

The innovative essential oil diffuser by GreenAir is modern in its style and looks outstanding with the decoration of your house. Using the perfect contemporary science, it combined in a new diffuser to give something unique for its customers. It looks fantastic and features a soft light applying the 4 various colors – red, purple, blue, and also green. The gorgeous AromaMister diffuser is guaranteed to please your feelings.

Hi-frequency Diffuser

In contrast to the heat diffusers, the AromaMister works by using hi-frequency Ultrasonic vibrations to enable cold air diffusion to get a cool mist. The model doesn’t work with heat or water similar to other diffusers. It fractures the essential oils in microfine particles that disperse quicker in the surrounding air. It allows the air to take in the particles immediately spreading the scent quickly for an extended time.

Performs on Automated Shutdown Setting

As soon as the water in the tank gets low, the device shuts off instantly. The automated shut-off functions flawlessly for the moment you have pre-programmed. It prevents spending any oils that may be remaining. Through shutting down, the essential oils are less possible to erode and appear on the device. When this occurs, the item is simple to wash applying a little dish washing liquid with water using a cotton pad, after that rinse, and dry out taking away any oils. The water tank contains 120 mL (4.05 oz) and works for 8 hrs. The spraying vapor is directional. Put 4 – 5 drops of essential oil in the device and it will cover a location of 250 sq ft.


3.GreenAir Aroma Diffuser, Zen, Black

GreeanAir serenity ultrasonic diffuser for aromatherapy

Innovative Mist Therapy

The following device is modern and stylish and is able to deliver enhanced wellbeing and quick beneficial mist therapy that is good in comparison to heat diffusers. The Zen Black diffuser removes smells in any place where it is located by splitting down the oils into microfine particles that diffuse quicker in the surroundings and eliminate any stagnant scents. The superior mist therapy is comforting in comparison to other diffusers that perform on heat and also water.


This diffuser functions as a mini-humidifier as compared with other devices. The humidifier is a great air purifier and makes it possible for an excellent therapeutic mist that distributes quickly and maintains the air humid, fresh, and also easy to inhale. If you like quietness and tranquility, the Zen Black diffuser guarantees a fine air to breathe in. It allows humidifying (to moisten) the air of the place at regular temperature.

Extended Time Functioning

The gadget is much more capable for its prolonged function period. The Zen Black is equipped to run for a long 8 hrs properly and that will depend on the sort of oil put to use as well. It operates silently for 8 hrs, turning a combination of water and essential oil into enormous amounts of microparticles, which are effortlessly consumed to refresh the room making a Zen-like feeling. Just add five drops of essential oil and look at the miracle as it operates for a prolonged time.

Because of its excessive water volume, the Zen Black contains 200 mL (6.76 oz), and the diffuser performs for 8 hrs and spreads the mist above a spot of 400 sq ft.


4.GreenAir Nebair Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Green Air Nebair aromatherapy ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

Simple to Use Unit

To replace the essential oils in the Nebair diffuser is a no-brainer. You won’t have any difficulty putting the essential oils to its position. Several water diffusers possess a spilling concern, but this gadget assures no mess. You only need to replace the bottle through screwing it right to the atomizer. The diffuser allows spreading the scent quicker as it fractures the oil into microfine particles that distribute rapidly in the area.

Use of Cutting Edge Concept

You will sense as if your house is a health spa. The Ultrasonic diffuser works by using cold diffusion concept to produce a healthy mist at your place for you to take pleasure in beneficial aromatherapy everywhere you need it. You can make use of the diffuser in your sleeping quarters, a kid’s room, stores, workplace, resort room, hotel foyer, or any place that you wish its benefits to be. The unit comes with options that make the product more versatile and helpful and able to be used any time any place.

Intelligent System

The NeBair possesses 48 adjustments that feature various smart systems. You can make use of the Nebair by fine-tuning your essential oil tastes using the numerous settings. It furthermore features 16 smart interval options as well as 64 intelligent pre-setting choices. This allows synchronizing the device promptly with various settings that assist in commanding the timer at each interval in addition to a versatile and relaxed manner in contrast to other Nebulizers.

The NebAir Nebulizer contains adjustments that allow working for 30, 60, and 120 mins and the discontinuous on/ off pattern for 5, 10, 30, and 60 secs correspondingly and holds the common 5, 10, or 15 mL bottles. The reservoir capacity is 120 mL (4.05 oz).


GreenAir SpaGlow Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

GreenAir SpaGlow ultrasonic oil diffuser

Fantastic Design

The superb model of the GreenAir SpaGlow functions with the press of 1 button. The device is designed in a form of a globe and manufactured from blown glass that generates a spa-like feeling in your place. This allows you to furnish your home and charges the Ultrasonic diffuser right into action to crack down the oils into a microfine mist for your pleasure and a beneficial air massage whenever and wherever.

Simple to Deal with

The SpaGlow is uncomplicated to manage and is included with a push activation system. This advanced and innovative method allows you to command the diffuser at the press of your hands. Put your hand on the top of the unit, or the ball, to start up the gadget and on the next push, you choose 1 of the 3 glowing colors while it’s turned for diffusing. Through the 3rd push, the LED-light turns off while the item diffuses the oils and on the 4th push, the whole product is powered down.

Spa Features

Because of its impressive design and the great look, the SpaGlow is attractive and synchronizes with the furnishings of any room. It has a feel of classiness and performs as an essential oil diffuser for health and perfume benefits. This device allows setting the ambiance and enhancing the atmosphere. In comparison with other diffusers, it’s a high performer having a 120 mL (4.05 oz) of tank volume.

Closing View

The Ultrasonic diffusers by GreenAir aid to handle the space atmosphere in an operated way with their innovative characteristics. These Ultrasonic diffusers work with cold diffusion concept and other advanced features to enhance their efficiency as compared with other diffusers. Transform your place into a spa instantaneously with a healthful mist of air using aromatherapy essential oil diffusers from GreenAir.


Green Air Ultrasonic Diffusers Reviews
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