Oil diffuser pendants and necklaces

As soon as you have begun to make use of aromatherapy in your everyday living (for example in the form of electrical diffusers or straight applications) you might find it upsetting to leave their soothing and curing benefits behind for the duration of your workday. One excellent option to this issue is essential oil diffuser pendants.

These necklaces are available in many types (which we are going to cover in this post), and each will work to make sure that you will have your favored essential oil any time you will need it most during the day. Many purposes of oil diffuser pendants include relaxing oils for nerve-racking days on the job or passing tests and for people that fight cold or influenza symptoms throughout the wintertime.Oil diffuser pendants include either cotton pad that have had a few droplets of essential oils put to them or a small bottle that will take essential oils straight. The aromas and active components of the oils are triggered by your body warmth, and have to be useful from the height that the pendant is placed on your chest – it’s not needed to take the oil to your face to receive the full benefit of your selected oil.

Moreover, like every other item of jewelry, essential oil diffuser pendants have many various designs thus you can choose whatever necklace best matches your individual style and daily needs. Listed below are some of the finest products we found.

Nature’s Alchemy Heart Diffuser Pendant

Essential oil pendant Nature's Alchemy Heart diffuser review

The diffuser necklace is 1”x1” and manufactured out of a tin. The heart necklace functions on a hinge, so an absorbing pad may be simply put in no matter if the necklace is on the chain. Applying 3 – 5 droplets on a fragrance pad it’s possible for the aroma to last up to 7 days, even though several aroma pads can be used every day dependent on your desires. The necklace has handily located vents that let the essential oil spread effortlessly all through the day.

A few people who buy this item might not be satisfied with the pewter furnish since it might not look fine with more official outfits. Sadly, there are no other choices for the necklace’s finish currently. Nature’s Alchemy Heart Diffuser Pendant is compact but very sturdy and will work for a pretty long time when treated properly. Regretfully, the chain supplied with the necklace is not quite solid and might need to be substituted by one bought individually. Nevertheless, taking into account that the catalog cost for Nature’s Alchemy Heart Diffuser Pendant is just 18.95 dollars, investing some extra money for a fine chain that meets your preferences is not a bad expense.


Glass Aromatherapy Jewelry – Pendant for Essential Oils from Dreaming Earth

Aromatherapy glass jewelry necklace essential oil diffuser pendant

The next design choice for people searching for an essential oil diffuser pendant is uncovered in the Glass Aromatherapy Jewelry Pendant for Essential Oils from Dreaming Earth. For a selling price of 21.50 dollars you will get a necklace with an exclusive color – simply no two are the same! It is attainable to ask for the desired color, yet there is no warranty on the end result.The pendants for this kind of necklaces are basically small bottles produced out of glass and closed with a cork, put up onto a basic cord. In contrast to the diffuser necklace previously mentioned, there are no openings in the glass. As an alternative, the aroma of the essential oil transpires thru the cork. A single concern that can occur with this model is that the corks are frequently weakened following their exposure to the oils and might break while they are taken out. At the same time, it can be hard to switch between a pair of fragrances often without purchasing separate necklaces for each aroma.


Celtic Cross Pewter Aroma Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Locket from mEssentials

Celtic cross aromatherapy essential oil diffuser pendant

The style of the Celtic Cross Pewter Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Locket from mEssentials is equivalent to the Heart Diffuser Pendant already mentioned in many ways, such as the usage of the cotton pads in a locket pocket to maintain the aroma. One substantial distinction in their style is that the Celtic Cross Diffuser Pendant Locket has a magnet seal on its aroma chamber. It is usually very useful even though there are at times issues when the magnet can come out of its construction.The aesthetic look of this locket is a stunning Celtic cross pattern in pewter, and it’s certainly a remarkable piece of jewellery. It’s a very durable item that measures 2.5 ins by 1 in and comes with an adaptable wax cord. It’s a little pricier at a cost of 25.00 dollars, still the Celtic Cross Pewter Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant also is included with an extra 10 cotton aroma pads.

It’s very simple to change out aroma pads in this model, although the pendant may need a fast wipe-down with dissolved rubbing alcohol to be able to prevent the mixing of diverse fragrances. This style is undoubtedly one that will go down to individual choice – the advantages of the design are incontrovertible, yet while some users may be attracted to the Celtic style, others will find it inconsistent with their personal preferences.


Holy Land Olivewood Whiffer Aroma Pendant – Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace from TheraPure Health Essentials

Holy Land Olivewood for aromatherapy essential oil diffuser pendant

The Olivewood Whiffer Aroma Pendant from TheraPure Health Essentials is one more stunning necklace. In place of working with cotton pads similar to the lockets earlier mentioned, cotton wicks with a couple of oil drops are put to use to spread the aroma from the body of the necklace. The cap of the locket screws on and off for easy access to the wicks. 3 wicks plus a chain are provided with the buy of the necklace for a recommended cost of 34.95 dollars.Several oil drops will last a few days, doing it is very hard to replace the fragrance without wiping the necklace down using a diluted rubbing alcohol solution. The necklace is larger sized than many users may be expecting since it is 2 1/4 inches long and 3/4 inches in diameter. Although the color of the material is originally gold, it frequently dies out to silver with extensive wear.

As soon as it concerns deciding on an Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant for your everyday life, it’s going to be challenging for anybody but you to select which one will do the job best. In the end, not solely are there numerous alternatives for how the aroma spreads (cotton pads or wicks, as well as cork stoppers), yet there are also essential concerns regarding how the design of the necklace will match your individual style. Out of the pendants listed, nevertheless, Nature’s Alchemy Heart Pendant is probably the best overall choice. Its style is basic enough to perform for most consumers, it’s the best benefit for your money, plus the cotton pads may be effortlessly replaced so that various fragrances can be used during one day.


Oil diffuser pendants and necklaces
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