Essential Oil for Acne Doterra

Many people face the problem of unwanted red pimples covering their facial skin. This condition is called acne, which is primarily caused by inflamed sebaceous glands. There are dozens ways of fighting this skin disorder, and all of them bring different results depending on various factors. Essential oils are widely used for easing the symptoms of acne. This treatment method delivers quick results and causes no side effects.

Essential oils that treat acne:

Since essential oils are 100% pure and natural products, they present no risk to human health. Below, there is a list of the best oils that work great at treating acne:


We add oregano to many dishes, thus it is a good addition to every herb and spice collection. To have clean skin free from irritation, unpleasant pimples, and nasty whiteheads, add the oregano extract to your medicine box as well. The product does an excellent job at treating acne as it is an antibacterial and antiseptic agent.

 Tea tree

Tea tree extract is contained in many face creams that are known for ensuring smooth and pimple-free skin. Except for having a strong smell, tea tree essential oil prevents inflammation, fights bacteria, and combats fungi. If acne troubles you a lot, use tea tree oil to ease its symptoms.


If acne presents a severe problem, try Lavender essential oil as it’s the best solution to different skin problems: it works well at removing skin blemishes and fighting acne within a short time. If you have a sever skin condition, there are also other oils which properties are similar to those of Lavender ones. You can go for almond, jojoba, or grape seed oil.


You can mix Bergamot oil with other extracts (jojoba, coconut, and olive oil) to get a perfect product for treating acne. However, Bergamot oil by itself is an excellent choice when it comes to solving skin problems associated with bacteria and fungi. Bergamot oil will make your skin look clean, smooth, and revived in a short time.


Many consider Rosemary to be a good addition to different dishes. That’s true; it enhances the taste of many eatables. But you shouldn’t forget that this herb is very effective in treating different skin conditions. Those using its extract for easing acne symptoms get the best results.

If you have never used essential oils, it’s time to catch up.

The most common way of using essential oils is to drop them in a water tank of a diffuser that will disperse their vapors in the air to ease your skin condition. Aromatherapy is a natural treatment method that speeds up the healing process. There are tons of essential oil diffusers offered by different manufacturers. They all come with different features, but they share the same task that lies in dispersing essential oil droplets in the air. Most of the units come with reservoirs that have to be filled with water and several drops of essential oil diluted with it. Get a diffuser and switch it on overnight to ret rid of acne effortlessly.

Essential Oil for Acne Doterra
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