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Signstek aroma oil diffuser review

Essential oil diffusers came into use over the last few years when aromatherapy established itself as an alternative medicine practice. People started to use plant extracts and oils to sustain their physical and mental well-being. Today, many salons offer their service to help their customers benefit from the usage of these oils and extracts.People use essential oil diffusers that ensure the absorption of plant extracts by the surface of their body. One of many diffusers is Signstek Ultrasonic Aroma. It belongs to the most powerful units that come with advanced features. It is of service to those who want to benefit from essential oil therapeutic properties without causing any side effects. With this device at home, you won’t have to visit a beauty salon to boost your energy or relax after a working day.


Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Review

This thin and glossy unit will fit well in any interior of your home. The device will provide a dense mist consisted of water and plant extract vapors to freshen your house in no time. Since it humidifies air, it comes in handy during dry winter days.

Prominent Features of the Oil Diffuser

  1. An automatic 7-color LED light
  2. Since the device uses essential oils that are soluble in water, it fulfills the function of an SPA.
  3. The unit holds 1.5 L of water what is more than enough for the whole night.
  4. The device emits negatively charged ions, which are then absorbed by the skin surface for sustained physical and mental health.
  5. Once there is a lack of water in the reservoir, the device and LED light shut down.
  6. You can adjust the intensity and direction of the sprayed mist.
  7. Except for providing health benefits, the diffuser freshens and aromatizes the air in the room.


  • The colors of the LED light change fully automatic, creating the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Since the device is very capacious, it can run all night long.
  • The intensity and direction of the sprayed mist can be adjusted at your discretion.
  • The unit is efficient. With a low setting, it can run about 20 hours without any refills.
  • The device is easy to clean.
  • Since there are two mist outputs on the unit, it works well in larger areas.


  • The unit comes with a larger reservoir, thus requires more drops of oil.
  • You can’t control the light color changing.
  • When used for the first time, it smells plastic.
  • The light bulb glows even when the light is shut down. It may trouble those suffering from light sensitivity.
  • The plastic body frame and reservoir lid may feel flimsy.
  • The instructions provided in the booklet are not clear.

Few drawbacks to the diffuser are nothing if compared to many advantages you get when using it: a large water capacity, two mist outputs, and an adjustable feature. These cons are what help the model leave its competitors behind. The diffuser will produce essential oil vapors for you to gain their health benefits to sustain your physical and mental well-being.


Signstek Ultrasonic Diffuser
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