Doterra Aroma ACE Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

doTERRA aroma ACE essential oil diffuser review

Aromatherapy established itself as an attractive alternative medicine practice that helps sustain our physical and mental well-being. Our body benefits from absorbing essential oils that have been derived from plants – leaves, flowers, roots, bark, and stems.While some find many different ways of using essential oils, others use diffusers. Today, on the shelves in many stores you may find this diffuser made in a white color and equipped with a black channel for the aromatic mist to escape. This unit can be used with different essential oils. It’s compact enough to fit into your purse, so you can have it always at hand, either at home or the office. This device is among the top-rated diffusers available on sale.



Advanced Technology: Cold Air Diffusion

It is the cold air diffusion system that gets the most out of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and delivers them to the users. Since no heating process affects the pureness of the oil, it stays unaffected. The air runs into the reservoir by the instrumentality of the cold air pump, and then it blows over the surface of the oil by means of the atomizer sitting at the top. Once the liquid is converted into small particles, the atomizer disperses them into the air in the form of aromatic mist. Due to its fast performance, the device is an excellent addition to many hair salons, boutiques, spa salons, and more.

Micro-fine Vapor Enhances Air Quality

As soon as the oils are turned into micro-fine vapors, they are dispersed into the air in the form of mist; thus, there is no waste of liquid.

In conditions of the room temperature, the distributed essential oil droplets release their effects. Since the oil doesn’t get heated, it doesn’t lose its healing properties. The diffuser produces the mist that contains the oil droplets in their pure form. The package comes with two atomizers and two essential oil vessels equipped with diffusers. You will have to buy essential oils separately.

Built-in ON/OFF Timer Prevents Over-Saturation

The diffuser comes with an integrated switch, built-in on/off timer, and volume controller. These features optimize the unit operation. The diffuser disperses the needed amount of mist within a short time. To maintain its saturation level at the required intensity, use a built-in switch. The timer allows for maintaining the time during which the device should operate. The atomizer sitting on the top of the unit and being connected directly to the liquid ensures quick operation of the diffuser. The “on/off” mode makes the diffuser operate for 15-20 minutes and “rest” for the same amount of time or more. To manage the distance of the spray, use a “volume” control feature.

Benefits of Using the Diffuser

The product is exceptionally useful! Moreover, this diffuser features two glass bottles to allow you to enjoy the blend of several oils. The fragrant mist lingers in the air for a long time, producing calming, relaxing, and healing effect. The composition of the small oil droplets remains undamaged, and when they infiltrate the air, active components are released.

People use this diffuser to enhance their both psychological and physical health. Aromatherapy is used for a many applications that include mood enhancement, pain relief, and mental activity improvement. There are tons of essential oils available on sale, and each of them has particular healing properties.


  • Pure essential oils with no water are required
  • There are two glass 15-ml bottles for essential oils
  • Handles an area of up to 1000-sq ft
  • Disperses fragrant mist with repeated cycles of 15-20 minutes

User Opinion

Customers use the dōTERRA® Aroma Ace™ diffuser with an eye on treating common skin problems, fighting a cough, reviving dry hair, and more. Essential oils do a great job at enhancing your mood, reducing daily anxiety, and easing depression. Many users install it at their child’s bedroom to receive excellent results.

Since there are two glass bottles for oils, you can switch them for different effects with ease. There is a built-in air filtration feature that doesn’t allow the dust in while purifying the air.

While some users appreciate its ability to keep the pureness of the oils, others are happy with the fact that the unit can handle more space as compared to other models. The built-in on/off switch operates entirely automatic if the timer is set. Thanks to this feature, you can leave the device turned on overnight.

I’d placed many orders on Amazon, and I never had any problems with what I got. They offer high-quality affordably-priced devices along with fast delivery.


  • User-friendly
  • Provides quick dispersion of essential oil droplets
  • The diffuser is suitable for both professional and personal use
  • Doesn’t affect the properties of essential oils
  • Compact, lightweight, and stylish
  • Cyclical diffusing prevents oil waste and allows the body to rest
  • Is covered by a one-year warranty

This diffuser is meant to put the benefits of essential oils into practice. The device is noted for its compact sizes and high efficiency. It is a number one choice for those looking for a device to benefit from aromatherapy.


Doterra Aroma ACE Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
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