Doterra Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser Review

doTERRA Lotus essential oil diffuser reviewAfter a nerve-racking day on the job, you would gladly dive into a nice atmosphere, won’t you? Allowing yourself to rest is not simply about getting recharged for a new working day. It is about your general health and well-being. Healing your body and soul is about small things like healthy eating and having enough sleep. Aromatherapy is among these simple methods of relieving stress and improving your well-being. DoTERRA Lotus diffuser offers an easy and enjoyable way to delight in peaceful serenity.

The DoTERRA Lotus is an ultrasonic humidifier and essential oil diffuser. This means it uses the technology of ultrasonic frequencies. They cause the water and essential oil molecules vaporize. The diffuser includes a self-controlled timer and LED-lights. These features assist you whenever you desire to enjoy an aromatherapy session. The device features a wonderful design in the form of a lotus petal. DoTERRA Lotus works for 3 hours without needing to refill. This Lotus diffuser is ideal for your household, yoga studio, health spa, store, or office. It is good for any other place where you would like to relax and feel the healing power of essential oils. Besides, its stylish design will suit any interior, be it your home or office.
Spend a few minutes discovering the main characteristics of this device that made it a popular choice.


Ultrasonic technology that allows most natural and beneficial digestion of the essential oil particlesFrequent refill and cleaning
Easy to fill, use, and cleanNo possibility to turn off the light
Self-controlled timer – no manual control required
Great design

DoTERRA Lotus Diffuser Specifications

Behind the smoothly sliding front cover of the Lotus diffuser, you will find a small water container. Getting everything prepared for a real aromatherapy session is easy. You need to simply fill the container with about a quarter cup of water and a few drops of essential oil. The ultrasonic mechanism positioned under the water container agitates the water at ultra-high frequencies. They make the water and oil molecules vaporize into the air.

DoTERRA essential oil diffuser is a redesigned model. The designers have taken into account the customer reviews on the previous models. This time, the Lotus diffuser lasts up to three hours. It includes a removable power adaptor, timer, and beautiful blue lighting. For more pleasant cleaning experience, the device package includes a special cleaning brush.

One of the greatest features of DoTERRA diffuser is that it can be used either with or without the essential oils. Besides, the device serves as a humidifier for spaces with extra dry air. If you choose to use it for an aromatherapy session, the diffuser will require using mere 3-5 drops of essential oil (not included in the package) to produce a perfect result. The quiet operation of this device makes it perfect for usage when having headaches. It is also great for improving your kids sleep. Finally, you may not worry about safety owing to the automatic shut-off feature. It activates each time the water levels become low.

When comparing this essential oil diffuser with other models in the market, these basic technical characteristics might come in handy:

  • Water Volume – 70 ml
  • Functioning Time – Half an hour to 1 hour
  • Covers a sizeable area of 300 sq feet
  • Only requires 3 to 5 droplets of essential oil to work
  • It works nonstop half an hour and rests for 15 seconds in the center of 1-hour period, all managed by the automatic timer
  • Includes an auto-shutoff function when water amount runs at minimum
  • Gentle LED-light in blue creates a charming atmosphere
  • It doesn’t produce any humming sound when it works

The Good

Real Time Atomization Concept

Lotus diffuser features the increased functionality to allow real-time atomization. It is a technological innovation to efficiently spread essential oils into the surroundings. In this product, you will discover that oil gets atomized together with water into tiny ion particles. Besides, the device produces active oxygen ions which can be easier absorbed by the body. Once they blend with the air flow and spread the scent, the item operates the timer on its own to set the atmosphere at the perfect tone according to each pre-set program. In such a way, you can receive the aromatherapy with refined particles to provide your more perfection while calming.

A Not-to-Forget Style

DoTERRA Lotus diffuser features a blissful and most recent design. We are convinced that it is going to inspire many users with its premium and extraordinary look. It is a high-quality product. Moreover, the DoTerra essential oils are natural and manufactured in such a way that they will be easily digested by your entire body. According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, it’s important not to put in our body what we are not able to absorb. The Lotus essential oil diffuser is a device designed to embody this concept.

Self Controlled Timer

This is the greatest feature of this brand new Lotus diffuser. It enables to run the device for 1 hour. Another variant is to let the device run automatically for half an hour and rest for 15 seconds in the middle. The opportunity to control the calming fragrance and to create a mood for light conversation is effortless.

Easy Cleaning

With the special brush included in the package, cleaning the device is as easy as it can be. Using the brush and small amount of vinegar or alcohol, you will get a perfectly clean diffuser within minutes. Want to apply even fewer efforts? Mix the vinegar or alcohol with water, fill the water container with this mixture, and let the diffuser run for about 15 minutes. Simply rinse the container in clear water afterwards. Your essential oil diffuser is again ready to bring you the sweet hours of aromatherapeutic heaven.

Refined Design

I bet, you would like to purchase this diffuser the moment you see it. Well, the DoTERRA designers did a great work producing a visually attractive device. Its construction perfectly corresponds with its function. The elegant lines are a pleasant view for the eye. At the same time, the calm pastel colors guarantee that the device will not grab too much attention in the room.

The Bad

Small Capacity

A filled water container makes up to three hours of diffusion. After this, you will need to clean and refill the device. This might not be comfortable for those who are looking for extended periods of aromatherapy or air humidification.
No Light Shut-Off Function
While many customers appreciate the gentle blue light that accompanies the diffuser operation, for some it is a distracting feature. Unfortunately, there no way to switch it off.

Is It the Right Device for Me?

Best forNot Good for
Any room where extra relaxation might be required: home, office, spa parlors, boutiques, yoga centers, etc. Citrus essential oil lovers: These essential oils lead to the breakage of ultrasonic diffuser inner parts.
People suffering from various respiratory problems (running nose, throat and lung infections) and headaches.Long aromatherapy/humidification sessions: The device capacity can provide not more than 3 hours of continuous operation.
For kids rooms: Combines with extra safety features, the Lotus diffuser is great for improving the sleep of your children.

What do customers claim?

The consumers are generally happy with the item. They name this diffuser a great companion for their intimate ambiance. Yet, the uncomfortable blue LED-light is bothersome for some users who don’t like glowing light in their bedroom. The self-controlled timer is the most appealing part of the gadget. Besides, the diffuser is easy to clean. The eye-catching design makes it effortless for the customers to put it in any place, and brings some classy element to the area.


Doterra Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser Review
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