Doterra Aroma Lite Diffuser

doTERRA aroma lite diffuser reviewEssential oils have been applied for hundreds of years by faraway past civilizations from Asia, India, Egypt as well as Native Americans. Nowadays some people continue to perform the old way practices. For individuals who don’t know the way, we can get essential oil diffusers for the all-natural health benefits of the essential oils produced from nature’s amazing curing plants.A high-grade diffuser is the dōTERRA® Aroma Lite for discovering the advantages from the oils for wellness while taking pleasure in a wonderful scent. The diffuser can be eye-catching in your house, bedroom, bath, kitchen, kid’s room, spa, or parlor, matching any interior.


Creating droplets of fluid, the micro-mist is distributed saturating the surroundings with the aroma for hours. The mist succeeds once the device is switched on.

High-Frequency Oscillation

The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite works by using high-frequency oscillation while issuing the mist for up to eight hours, according to how you set the mist.

It works without generating much noise and presents highly effective performing by using high-frequency oscillation as well as immediate atomization. Even though the rapid launch of the fragrance oils, this diffuser enables a consistent spread because it creates an ultra fine mist that is reached by the innovative concept applied in this product. The diffuser is quite silent and operates with hi-frequency oscillation and also atomization immediately. The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite spreads the valuable and aromatic oils that diffuse evenly using its innovative technologies.

Chic and Compact

This awesome mist diffuser is definitely one of the most attractive diffusers available. The cable is joined to the underside of the device and connects into a regular USA 120-Volt wall plug. It is not suitable with 240 Volt wall sockets in other countries. The eye-catching item is white-colored and is compact sufficient to be placed in your handbag or satchel and travel with you everywhere. The diffuser works solely with the light on. When you switch the light off, the device is off also. The product has 4 mist production settings plus an optional nighttime light.

Purifies and Moistens Air

The dōTERRA® Aroma Lite cleanses the air you inhale doing it free from germs, microbes, and viruses. It will moisturize the air and the humidity aids to cure dry skin, sinusitis, allergy symptoms, and is excellent for healthful shiny hair. It’s fantastic in dry weather as well as dry households when the heating is on throughout winter season.

Why Should You Apply It?

To get a breath of clean spring atmosphere, the night light shines a delicate green and features 3 options of low, high or off. It runs from 4 to 8 hrs and turns off automatically. You will sleep guaranteed that whenever applying in your kids room as well as your bedroom it is going to stop running as soon as the water amount is low. For comfort and healing benefits, also when journeying, this is the solution to use. Vanilla is the trusted aroma; if you need to redouble and to work hard, test Rosemary; and the fragrance of coffee stimulates by smell. You do not have to drink coffee. Lavender is relaxing, decreases a headache, is calming, and changes brainwave activity to attain this. Essential oils are not bundled with the diffuser. To spend less time, purchase your essential oils along with the diffuser simultaneously to appear together.

What do Consumers Claim?

This diffuser is favored by customers for being simple to apply, control, and clean – simply wash the tank in soapy warm water, rinse out and air-dry. The method to regulate the atomizer of the mist from the device can be operated. This lets you save the essential oil and make use of it for an extended time. Consumers are very contented with the dōTERRA® essential oil diffuser. Buyers are at the same time satisfied with the guaranty if anything goes wrong. The automated shutdown is an extra advantage to consumers and many users take pleasure in the nighttime light.


  • The diffuser works from 4 to 8 hrs
  • Produces a superfine mist plus has real-time atomization
  • It is compact and highly effective and can be transported everywhere
  • It features 4 levels of productivity control
  • An optional light will make it user-friendly throughout the night and also journeying
  • Push the control key once for 4 hrs and 2 times for 8 hrs running time
  • For discontinuous functioning of 8 hrs choose it to work 15 secs on and 15 secs off
  • Just 4 to 5 droplets of essential oil is required for 4 or 8 hrs of runtime
  • Load the tank with faucet water and put dōTERRA® essential oil
  • Reservoir maintains around 8 oz of water and covers 4 – 6 hundred sq feet
  • Gift wrap available
  • User’s Guide provided
  • 30 days guaranty. You can return it in 30 days for a 100% money-back with a 6 months substitute policy for a replacing diffuser within six months of purchase.

For comfort, treating dry skin, assistance with allergies, stress, and even panic, essential oils have a confirmed record of success to back up its claim. Oils applied in the most powerful way possible is reached by making use of the dōTERRA® Aroma Lite Diffuser. It is effective perfectly in areas that need moisture in the air and for purifying and refreshing the place.

Here are a few oils you may possibly like to test:

  • On Guard – eliminates mildew, germs, viruses and firms the immune system
  • Lemon – freshens, minimizes stickiness as well as disinfects
  • Wild Orange – Raises spirits, relaxing, and works as an antidepressant
  • Peppermint – stimulating, energizing, and awakening
  • Lavender – soothing insect bites, sunburns, scratches, and is relaxing


Doterra Aroma Lite Diffuser
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