Best essential oil diffusers

If you wish to learn what a diffuser has to offer and why would you want to buy this product, we have made reviews on the top 10 products in this field. These appliances have been tested and are trusted by thousands of customers and have been considered the leading diffuser brands.


  • Top Rated Models

  • TypeType
  • CapacityCapacity
  • Coverage areaCoverage area
  • LED lightsLED lights
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • GreenAir

  • SpaVapor

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity180 ml
  • Coverage area320 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • WarrantyN/A
  • Customer rating4.0 out of 5
  • InstaNatural

  • Essential Oil Diffuser

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity100 ml
  • Coverage area10 accounts under one domain250 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • WarrantyN/A
  • Customer rating4.4 out of 5

  • Version 2

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity100 ml
  • Coverage area215 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Warranty90 days
  • Customer rating4.6 out of 5

  • Aromatherapy 200 ml

  • TypeUltrasonic
  • Capacity200 ml
  • Coverage area236 sq. ft.
  • LED lights
  • Warrantyup to 18 month
  • Customer ratingHight priority support!4.7 out of 5


1. Greenair Spa Vapor

Best essential oil diffuser reviews

Its new and improved formula makes the best option for your spa. It contains the beneficial aromatherapy oils and disperses it into the air thanks to producing a micro-fine vapor. This vapor enables the oils to be suspended in the spa room’s atmosphere for a long time. Thanks to this fact, a mesmerizing effect is created. These are some features of Greenair Spa Vapor at a glance:

  • Thanks to ceramic disc implanted into the appliance, it ensures the prevention of corrosion and oil breakdown.
  • It is free from BPA.
  • The product’s on/off switches placed on the panel are simple to use.
  • It is equipped with six LED lights, which can be switched ON or OFF.
  • It works with purified water as well.


2. Now Foods Ultrasonic

You may notice that Now Foods do a bit too much in terms of bringing quality to life. The products of this company are always of high quality, and it concerns this ultrasonic oil diffuser as well. It is the very thing that you are searching for to have in your room. If we have not convinced you, consider its main features:

• High-level ultrasonic frequencies deployed by the appliance produce an electrifying aromatherapy mist.

• It is free from BPA.

• Since it does not use heat, the oil integrity is very well maintained.

• The appliance is ideal for using all around the year.

• There are holistic properties.

3. Zaq Noor Multi Color Diffuser

The very quality that is noticed at the first sight is its stylish look, which is ideal for any room. Its excellent properties can be a good choice for anyone who is looking for an amazing spa experience. The top properties of this appliance are the following:

• Since its dimensions are 5.9 x 5.0 inches, it is considered a mid-size diffuser.

• Its tank has a reasonable capacity of 80ml (2.7 oz).

• It gets a lot more charm thanks to the multicolor LED lights.

• Being a 12-Watt unit, it can operate for four hours without pauses.

4. Smiley Daisy Essential

With such a name, it will make anyone smile in a spa room. This excellent diffuser has plenty of features, which can mesmerize you and provide the best soothing effect always wanted in a spa. There is surely no better value for your money than purchasing this diffuser. Below are the characteristics of the appliance for you to consider:

• This appliance is energy saving since it uses a quiet but rather powerful ultrasonic technology.

• To create a glowing effect in your room, the diffuser has 7-colorful LED lights.

• Its unique selling points are that it is waterless and equipped with the auto shut-off feature.

• Switched to the midst mode, it can run continuously without interruption for six hours.

• Since it is portable, you can take it to your spa, yoga classes or even office.

5. MIU Color Aroma Diffuser

It is a great option to have a diffuser in a spa or any other place for relaxation. This diffuser produced by MIU Color is a great choice, as it comes with the significant number of features. Check out some of the basic features of the appliance:

• Thanks to its 7-colors LED lights, each of which can be adjusted to high or low, it provides a romantic and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

• With the water capacity of about 500ml, the working time is extended for 10 hours per a usage.

• The LED lights and the fragrance play a significant role in relieving a person from fatigue, stress, headaches, and depression.

• The appliance splits the water into a cold fog of a 0.3NM diameter. It provides active oxygen massive quantities and eliminates ammonia and the harmful TVOC etc.

• The cold fog of combustion type produced by the appliance does not eliminate harmful components.

6. ZAQ Dew Aromatherapy Diffuser

This one of the finest appliances will surely provide you with a nice soothing experience. Its notable properties are the following:

• Considering its 80ml capacity and dimensions of 7.1 x 4.2 inches, it is regarded as a mid-size diffuser.

• The product’s contemporary design is very sleek and compact.

• The 12W device gives four hours of a run time without any interruption.

• It is equipped with multiple lights, which have various options of on/off turning.

• Thanks to its compact size, you can easily carry it to your spa, yoga classes or even office.

7. QUOOZ – Ultrasonic Essential Diffuser

The high-quality option for any user is the QUOOZ Ultrasonic diffuser. There are a lot of reasons for purchasing this appliance, which are given below:

• Thanks to this ultimate soothing device, you can create a spa atmosphere right at your home.

• The diffuser provides a stress-free and very soothing feeling and removes all the stress. It rejuvenates the atmosphere thanks to deploying the advanced technique of dispersing the tap water with drops of oil you have chosen.

8. Riverock Essential

This appliance is very stylish to have in your room. Its incredible performance combined with its numerous features will blow away your mind. If you compare this appliance with several other products, you will be sure that it will be the right decision to purchase this oil diffuser. Consider its excellent features:

• It uses quiet but rather powerful ultrasonic frequency of vaporization.

• It can be used with other scented oils, for example, Lavender, Eucalyptus, etc.

• The fragrance of this appliance, which is also a humidifier, complements the mist in your room very well.

• The significant feature of this appliance is emulation of some amazing natural sounds and creation of the fabulous Babbling book effects.

• Since there are no buttons on this product, it is hassle-free to use and the easiest option with nothing to worry about.

9. Pure Spa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is simple well-designed soothing aromatherapy diffuser that uses ultrasonic technology to disperse a cool mist over the area. The produced fumes are dense and can remain in the environment for long. It is an ideal diffuser for both a daytime as well as a nighttime usage. The most significant features of this appliance are the following:

• Thanks to its large tank capacity (120 ml), it can provide an 8-10-hours hassle-free run time.

• Its optional LED-light function has an extremely soothing effect.

• It runs smoothly and quietly, easily covering about 250 sq ft area.

• It also performs an ionizing function, removing negative elements from the environment and providing a sense of happiness and calmness for the people.

10. Aromasoft Diffuser

It is definitely one of the most amazing things that you can have in your yoga classes, spa or even office. It will provide a soothing, tempting, and relaxing effect, which will give you a good mood for the whole day. It will help the body to minimize all the stress as well as the muscles to relax. Considering the features of this product below, you will get a full idea about it:

• You will be astonished by its whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology, which will make you check if the product is working or not.

• With the 24V, the diffuser is reliable and safe.

• You do not need to search for any special water while using it since it works well with all.

• It is equipped with the most relaxing and sensual LED lights.

• Being enriched with a number of features, this product is still extremely easy to use.

Now, let us consider the features of the six products that, not being regarded as the best-sellers, still have numerous satisfied customers that estimated them with higher ratings thanks to their efficient performance. The appliances reviewed below are extremely popular and have established worth on the US market. Some products have been originated in the United States and their names have been long-trusted (Bellasentials, Orbis Nox Vitis, doTerra Aroma ACE, etc.).

1. Young Living Rose Shaped Home Diffuser

This elegant essential oil diffuser has a shape of a rose bud. Thanks to its transparent purple portion in the shape of a closed petal at the top of the appliance and a dim white entire body of a bud, its appearance is extremely stylish. If you use the diffuser consistently, it can work up to four hours. It is also equipped with the feature that enable you to use it with 30-second intervals. Working in this mode, it may run for over eight hours. Vibrating 2.5 million times per second, the diffuser has a significant ability to provide a constant essential oil fume flow into the air. There are no extra sounds while the appliance is working, so it performs extremely quietly. Thanks to its auto shut-off feature, it turns off when its container is empty. It is also equipped with lights, which can be easily switched off in case you do not need it. Overall, it is a great choice for a soothing room atmosphere that will help you to relax without any worries.

2. Bellasentials Aromatherapy Supplies

This Bellasential aromatherapy diffuser is considered one of the best aromatherapy diffusers appeared on the market. This appliance has a stylish and sleek wooden finish and a very sturdy base, enabling it to stand firmly in its place. Dispersing dense essential oil fumes into the air, it gives you a pleasant scent in your room that lasts for long. It works pretty well both as a diffuser and a humidifier providing the air with a perfect amount of moisture constantly. It is perfect to be used at nighttime as well as daytime.

The key features of the appliance include following essential points:

• It comes with two running modes that you can adjust according to your needs. It can run about 12 hours on low mode, while working on a high mode, it will serve you for up to 8 hours non-stop.

• Since it works extremely quietly without producing any noise, you can easily use it at nighttime.

• Thanks to seven different Led colored lights, it creates an even more soothing effect. You can easily adjust its light function according to your needs so that it can perform as a perfect night light.

• Due to its auto shut-off feature, you do not feel hassle as the appliance stops automatically when it is empty.

3. Aromatherapy Diffuser – Professional Grade by Aromis

It is considered a perfect aromatherapy diffuser available on the market currently. It does not require any kind of water and does not produce any heat while functioning. You just need to add only several drops of pure essential oil to the glass diffuser bottle. Since the diffuser is made of glass and wood, there will not be any corrosion of plastic so that your essential oil will remain in its natural state. Aside from being elegant and simple in usage, this aromatherapy diffuser performs the actual aromatherapy purpose and provides as many essential oil health benefits as possible. It is a perfect product for massage and yoga studios as well as spas. This unit has an inbuilt timer function, which turns the appliance on and off each ten minutes, and a 60-minute auto-shut feature. Thanks to the adjustable aroma intensity, the appliance can easily fill up the space of 30 x 30 dimension with your pure natural essential oil. This aromatherapy diffuser is a beautiful and long lasting product if utilized properly. Consider the advantages as well as disadvantages of this appliance:

• It is easy in usage, cleaning, and storage. You just need a dab of alcohol for cleaning up the old oil before putting a new one.

• Its classy and elegant look will supply your room decor with an element of sophistication.

• Compared to other diffusers, this one is relatively noisy, so it is not good for nighttime usage since it can disturb your sleep.

• The appliance is very delicate, so it requires a lot of maintenance and care.

• Its timer settings are very limited. Its run cycles are only of 10 minutes, and a total one is of 60 minutes. Being elegant and useful, this product is a bit pricey in terms of the offered size and features.

4. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser waterless shut off by TruDew

This advanced TruDew ultrasonic diffuser provides you with an ultimate aromatherapy experience. The wide-range features of this appliance enable you to use it in several usage possibilities of aromatherapy routine and provide as many health benefits as possible due to keeping the natural state of your oil. The main characteristics of this product are the following:

• It can lift your spirits up and help your immune system in fighting bacteria present in the environment and even allergies.

• Thanks to its dual style options and glossy design, the appliance will quickly harmonize with the decor of your room.

• Due to advanced ultrasonic technology, the water is silently turned into a cool mist, which creates a therapeutic soothing ambiance in the room. By the way, the mist intensity is adjustable.

• Its running time can be up to 19 hours.

• The Led light, which is rhythmically changing, adds an aura of grace and sophistication. However, it can be a problem if you use it as a nightlight since they are too bright.

• As it is made of a rather poor quality material, it can crack or leak. That is why it might sound expensive in terms of the offered quality.

5. Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by doTERRA

This aroma-ace is considered a robust and advanced essential oil diffuser. The appliance is produced with no-water technology and equipped with two atomizers for essential oils, which are easy to fill. Using this aroma-ace, you will get a traditional experience of spa aromatherapy either at home or your workplace. Look through the main pros and cons of the product:

• It transforms your essential oils into a fine mist, which is evenly dispersed into the air providing maximum therapeutic oil benefits.

• Thanks to the “cold diffusion” technology, it preserves the essential oil natural composition.

• It is equipped with easy to use mist intensity adjusters and on/off timers to meet your needs in the best way. It provides the decent defense against bacteria and viruses present in the air.

• Since the aroma-ace diffuser uses a great deal of oil to cover your room evenly, it can be rather expensive in terms of used oil. Moreover, the oil remained in the appliance may evaporate even when it is turned off.

• It can hardly be used at night since it is rather noisy.

6.Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser by InstaNatural

The InstNatural aromatherapy diffuser can be used as three different appliances since it has the features of a diffuser for creating a soothing environment, an ionizer for air purifying and a humidifier for air moisturizing. Its automatic shut-off features provide you with a hassle free usage, which is extremely convenient when you are a bit busy at home or in the office. It has 24V DC current and a 12W power function. The other essential features of the product are the following:

• It easily covers 250 sq ft area.

• Its 100ml capacity can make it easily run for up to 4-5 hours consistently.

• Thanks to its whisper-quiet functioning, it provides a soothing effect.

• You can use it with citrus oils.

• A soothing blue light will help you to create a perfect atmosphere.

• It is very easy to use and operate as well as to maintain.

Try to imagine yourself walking on the morning grass, hearing chirping birds and smelling various flowers around you. How does it feel? It is amazing, isn’t it? Even being among the flower fragrances in the garden and smelling nature around you is a soothing experience for everyone. Obviously, if you spend some minutes in a garden, smelling fresh flowers, it will help you to become free from stressful thoughts, soothe both your mind and your body, relax your nerves and muscles, and thus regain your internal health. Considering the health benefits of the fragrances of flowers and other plants, alternative medicine practitioners have extracted the “miracle elements” from flowers, plants and even trees, and named them “essential oils”.

So, What Are Essential Oils?

It is the extracts taken from such natural sources as stems, leaves, barks seeds, flowers or even whole plants (fragrant oils) and equipped with the positive energies that a plant has itself. At the moment, these essential oils or magical fragrances, if you like, are widely used for providing the wellbeing and treatment separately or just as an additional component to other therapeutic processes catalyzing the improvement of general health.

Essential oils are considered a miracle alternative medicine for treating nerve problems, skin diseases, and many others that have been caused by constant strain on muscles or stress. The best way to use these essential oils is taking them as fumes dispersed into the environment. For this purpose, certain appliances are available on the market nowadays that are used to produce fumes by dispersing essential oils into the surrounding. We know these appliances as essential oil diffusing units. There are different types of these units available depending on the way of effecting the oils for fumes’ production.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are many different types of diffuser styles and brands available, but mainly they can be divided into following types:

• evaporative

• ultrasonic essential oil diffusers

• diffusing through heat

• nebulizer kits

• candle based diffusers

• reed oil diffusing kits

Of course, all these types produce the needed essential oil fumes. However, the fume nature can be affected by the way these fumes are produced. Thus, all these diffuser types differ in how the oil will affect you. Let us consider each of above-mentioned types of diffusers separately.


In such types of products, oil is evaporated into the environment due to heating of pads on which it rests. If you need only a light fragrance in the room, this type is the best one for diffusing oils. Since the heat may decrease the effectiveness of the produced oil fumes, this appliance may only be useful in making your room fragrant, and there may not be any health benefits of the essential oil in it.

The ultrasonic essential oil diffusers

In these machines, the essential oil put into it is diffused due to using ultrasonic energies. These waves evaporate the oils in the state of mist into the air. These appliances have been proven to provide a good aroma effect for those who are using aromatherapy. However, the essential oil health benefit may be lowered by breaking it down while diffusing with the help of these machines.

Heat diffusers

This type is simple in its function. The oil placed in it is just heated, and thus vapored and spread around the place. You can easily get sufficient fragrance in your room using these appliances. However, the chemical composition of the oil is affected due to heating so that you may not get the needed health benefits. These units are quite good in creating a calm atmosphere with soft aroma at your place.


This type of diffusers is considered the most effective machine for essential oils since they create oil microdroplets that are then sprayed into the air without any chemical change. These droplets last longer compared to the fumes produced with the help of heat based or ultrasonic diffusing appliances. Moreover, they contain oils in their natural form and have maximum health benefits you may get from any essential oil.

Candle oil diffusers

Thanks to their stylish design, candle oil diffusing units are often used as a piece of decor in rooms and spas for creating a soothing environment. The candle, under which the oil is placed, slowly burns and helps to release the fumes into the air. However, these appliances may not diffuse the aroma over a large area since they produce it in small limited portions.

Reed oil diffusers

As you can guess from its name, a reed diffusing appliance has reeds to disperse fumes into the air. These reeds are placed into the oil in the appliance and the oil flowing to the reed top is released into the air. These machines may not produce much aroma quickly around your room since this process is quite slow.

Why Is It Important To Have an Essential Oil Diffuser?

If you still do not know whether you need an essential oil diffuser or not, we will try to help you to get rid of this confusion. Of course, you may just have that fragrance bottle in the room and think that you will get all the aromatherapy benefits, but it is not right. If going through an aromatherapy is one of the parts of your medical treatment, you should take it seriously. Even going through an aromatherapy with required regular aromatic fumes, you should consider having an appliance that will meet your needs effectively. These are some reasons for buying an aromatherapy diffuser:

• You want to create a fresh and soothing environment at home.

• You want to relax using natural aromatic oils.

• Due to suffering from stress, you need to go through aromatherapy regularly.

• You need to clean up your surroundings from infectious viruses and bacteria.

How to Choose the Essential Oil Diffuser That Will Meet Your Needs the Best?

An essential thing that you should consider while buying a diffusing appliance is to decide which one is the best for your use. To do it, consider following important things:

• For what purpose do you need to purchase an essential oil diffusing appliance?

• How much area should it cover?

• Which oil will be used or is prescribed to use for medical treatment?

• What results do you need?

You should decide on these issues before choosing any product since it will help you to purchase the exact machine that will bring you the best results. You may get some idea here:

Nebulizer diffusing machines are the best for long lasting aroma and maximum health benefits.

Ultrasonic diffusing machines are the best for getting health benefits and a continuous and equal aroma distribution around a large area.

Vaporizing diffusing machines are efficient in providing light fragrances causing slow effects on your mood and good for small places.

Reeds and candles are the best when used around a very small area where you will relax or meditate

How Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers Should Be Used?

Buying a diffuser for your essential oil is not all what you need. The most important factor in helping you get the desired effects is its correct usage. To use your appliance correctly, you should know its functions and features as well as the results you need. For example, if you need to fill a large room with your favorite smell, you need a nebulizer diffusing machine placed in the middle of your room. In contrast to it, you may use a vaporizing or candle oil diffuser if you need to fill a small area with the essential oil fumes. Consider these basic points of the right essential oil diffuser utilization:

• Always follow the guidelines that come with the appliance to use it properly.

• Always put a proper amount of oil into the diffusing machine.

• Place the machine in a correct position for getting the desired aroma spread.

• Never use it for long periods of time.

• Never leave the appliance turned on if it is empty or does not have a proper amount of oil in it.

The choice also depends on the needed effects. If you want to get all health benefits from any chosen oil, an ultrasonic oil or a nebulizer diffusion appliance should be used.

What Should You Avoid Wile Utilizing an Aroma Oil Diffusing Appliance?

The health benefits of these oils are significant and proven to be efficient in alleviating symptoms of mood disorder, side effects of medications, stress, and pain. However, using them continuously or in a wrong amount may be harmful to your health in many ways. Never leave the diffusing machine working for long. Otherwise, you will experience “olfactory fatigue” because of the constant exposure to the smell. Hence, you may feel insensitive to some smell or dizzy. Never use a unit regularly right from the start. Start using it in intervals. For example, one day you may use it for about 15 minutes only, the next day you may use it the same period of time but twice a day. Then use it according to the time and frequency prescribed you by the aromatherapy practitioner.

Where Can You Buy an Essential Oil Diffuser?

If you have made up your mind about which oil diffusing appliance is the best one for you, but still do not actually know where it is better to go to buy it, the best variant would be to look it up on an online store. You may find a great deal of online shops and stores offering and claiming to provide you with the best product you have chosen. However, always look for trusted shops that have plenty of positive customers’ feedback and offer the products of guaranteed quality. Of course, you can buy a diffusing appliance to be used as the aromatherapy partner, but be sure that it is not a blind decision. Be sure that you select the best appliance for you that will meet all your requirements perfectly. Choosing from a variety of diffusing machines online, keep in mind that each machine has different features that will cause a different effect on the health and environment depending on its function mode and used oil.

Best essential oil diffusers
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